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Friday 19 January 2018

Fee Sharing Solicitors

Looking for a better work / life balance ? Fed up with office politics ? Want to feel more in control ? Disinterested with commuting ? Would rather earn a greater proportion of your fees ?


Have you considered fee sharing ?


What's the catch, you may ask....  You would be self employed and would need to establish your own following. 


It happens all the time in the financial services sector, individuals working underneath an umbrella, and it's beginning to happen in the legal sector.


This approach may be of interest to;


  • Those returning from maternity.
  • Entrepeneurs wanting to create a business but who don't want to start a firm.
  • Senior solicitors simply looking to fee earn and simplify their life. 


There's a lot to discuss but in summary we negotiate with law firms on your behalf and act as a broker to get the best deal for your services.


What you don't necessarily want to do is join a firm who tie you into alsorts of restrictions. Hence we'll actively work to find you the best situation.


To discuss matters further please email or call on 0845 603 0708 



Jon Hilton

Fee Sharing Advisers

Legal Brokers Ltd 

Please note; Urgent need to place Immigration Fee Sharers with a client in Central & East London.